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Andrew D. Wyman (Attorney)

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(561) 361-8700

2263 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Ste 204. ,Boca Raton, Florida, 33431

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At Wyman Legal Solutions, we represent clients in business, construction and property damage claims throughout the State of Florida. We also counsel and advise businesses on how to best manage risks in their relationships and operations so they can thrive.

Business Services

In addition to fighting for your business in any litigation, we provide valuable guidance to keep you out of litigation in the first place. Thanks to our exclusive Business Lawyer on Retainer access plans, we have solutions available for all budgets


Whether you are an owner or contactor, whether the project is residential or commercial, whether you are building new from the ground up or just remodeling, construction projects come with risks for all involved – and we are here to help.

  • Property Owners: Are you a PROPERTY OWNER that has or is considering a HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECT OR BUILDING A NEW HOME? A dishonest contractor, or not understanding your rights and obligations under Florida construction law can derail those plans, cost you tens of thousands of dollars and years of misery. We help people whose dream home has turned into a nightmare.

  • Contractors: Are you a CONTRACTOR looking to get PAID on a job or who wants to improve their CASH FLOW?  Are you a CONTRACTOR concerned about a dissatisfied customer? Whatever your concerns, we’ve been through it all with our contractor, subcontractor and material supplier clients. We help construction professionals collect AND KEEP the money they earn for their hard work.

Property Damage Claims

Have you suffered unexpected property damage to your home or business? We’re here to turn the “sudden and unexpected” into a claim that’s collected.

Construction Liens

Contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers who provide labor or materials to improve real property in Florida are entitled to lien the property to protect their right to payments. Florida’s lien laws are fair, but unforgiving, to both owners and contractors. Strict timelines apply. If those timelines are missed, drastic consequences can result. Our construction attorneys understand the construction lien laws. Call us today at (561) 361-8700 to discuss your construction lien questions.

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