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(800) 548-7341

908 West Main Street Laurel, MT 59044

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The Original and Trusted Name in Vacuum Handling Equipment. Wood’s Powr-Grip® is a US-based manufacturer of vacuum-powered tools and equipment, used for lifting and installing a wide variety of construction materials, including glass, metal, and stone. Many contractors are now dealing with insulated metal panels. The Powr-Grip Panel Master and Cladding Lifters provide the ideal alternatives to slings and hooks that may damage panels and make installation more difficult. WPG vacuum lifters eliminate the need to drill holes or place hooks in panels, increasing productivity by reducing labor costs and time on the jobsite. Utilizing a vacuum lifter also increases safety for workers, especially when working at heights. Whether contractors are installing curtainwalls, insulated metal panels or stone counter tops, Wood’s Powr-Grip has the expertise they need: Industry-leading products with 50 years’ experience in vacuum lifting equipment. Your safety is our priority.

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