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Mcclellan, CA

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Gary and Del Beutler

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$74 million

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(916) 646-2700

4700 Lang Ave, Mcclellan, California, 95652

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Beutler Heating and Air Conditioning started in the garage of Del Beutler’s home in 1947. Del honed his skills as a sheet metal specialist for two years in the U.S. Navy. After spending a year working for a local sheet metal shop, he then went on to obtain his own contractors license.

Capitalizing On Opportunity

The post-war housing boom promised great prosperity. Beutler concentrated on heating and ducting systems for tract homes and commercial building projects. As the demand for cooling systems increased, Beutler became an innovator.

Constant Innovation

The first air conditioners were water-cooled, which created massive amounts of spent water and environmental problems. Beutler devised systems, which recycled the water, but the contamination problems seemed insurmountable. Finally, air-cooled systems were introduced and an entire industry was born. Beutler then began working to improve the efficiency of fans, ducting, vents, and insulation. Always developing something new, Del created a think tank atmosphere for his employees.

Over Seven Decades of Excellence

Over seven decades later, Villara Corporation sets the standard for excellence in the HVAC trade. President Rick Wylie evolved from a talented engineer and inventor who spearheads the drive for new and better products, to the President of the company. Under his guidance, Del Beutler’s Vision has become the largest heating and air and plumbing company in the United States with locations throughout Northern California.

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