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Hog Technologies, Inc.



James P. Crocker

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James P. Crocker (President & CEO)


$54 million

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(772) 214-1714

3920 SE Commerce Ave, Stuart, Florida, 34997

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We have become the market leaders worldwide with more water blasting units working around the globe than our 5 closest competitors combined. We will work tirelessly to maintain this position by always thinking “outside the box” and listening to our customers’ concerns.

Hog Technologies manufactures a variety of vehicles such as the Stripe Hog, Thermo Hog, Paint Hog, Rumble Hog, Grinder Hog, Surface Hog, and Concrete Hog.

The award-winning Stripe Hog Waterblasting System quickly and completely removes all types of durable pavement markings from asphalt and concrete surfaces with the least amount of negative impact to the surface. The Stripe Hog® does its work using needle-sharp 40,000 psi water jets and a powerful vacuum recovery system that leaves the road or runway clean and virtually dry. The resulting debris is quickly de-watered using a patented process so that the debris can then be dumped easily from the tank.

Hog Technologies was founded in 1988 by President & CEO, James P. Crocker. It began as a small pressure cleaning company primarily servicing the residential community. The opportunity soon arose to use high-pressure water to remove road markings. Mr. Crocker was fascinated with the speed at which the markings were removed and the ability to remove such tough materials without substantially damaging the road surface.

The original Stripe Hog was developed in 1997 as the company sought to develop a machine that could perform pavement marking removal with near perfect and repeatable performance. Through rigorous research and development, the Stripe Hog pavement marking and runway rubber removal system has continued to improve in performance and now operates in 56 countries around the world.

Hog Technologies has been a member of the Water Jet Technology Association since 1997 and the American Traffic Safety Services Association since 2003. Our professional and responsive staff is trained to provide the best service to all businesses in the state of Florida. With our ever-expanding fleet of modern water blasting equipment, our commitment is to the best performance in the most timely completion time possible. With organization and careful planning, Hog Technologies saves contractors and consumers both time and money. Here are is an overview of the services we provide:

Road & Highway Removal

Hog Technologies offers a wide array of services such as road/airfield marking removal and rejuvenation, runway rubber removal, grinding/grooving/rumbling, surface cleaning & preparation, road marking application, and more! Hog Technologies continues to innovate and expand to remain committed to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customers.

Industrial Cleaning

Our safe, environmentally friendly water blasting process has successfully been applied on projects for clients ranging from theme parks and highways to nuclear decontamination research. We’ve been tapped to help large power generation plants, NASA projects, United States Coast Guard vessels, and countless others. We have the resources and the experience to tackle even the most challenging projects with confidence and safety.


  • Stripe Hog SH8000
  • Stripe Hog SK8000
  • Stripe Hog SK7500
  • Stripe Hog SK5500
  • Stripe Hog SK3000
  • Stripe Hog SK2000
  • Hog Pump
  • Stripe Hog SK 5.2
  • Stripe Hog SH 24.0
  • Thermo Pre-Melters
  • Thermo Hog TH 16.0
  • Thermo Hog TH 8.0
  • Thermo Hog TH 32.0
  • Mini Hog
  • Stripe Hog SH7500
  • Thermo Hog TH 9.5
  • Stripe Hog SH 15.0
  • Spray Bars
  • Paint Hog


  • Stripe Hog SH8000
  • Roads & Bridges Contractor's Choice 2005
  • Roads & Bridges Contractor's Choice 2007
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2007
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2008
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2009
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2010
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2011
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2012
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2013
  • Roads & Bridges Gold Award 2020
  • Export Excellence Award 2009
  • ATSSA Innovation Award 2005
  • Better Roads Top Rollout 2005
  • Vision Awards: Grounds 2019
  • Export Excellence Award 2008
  • Governor's Business Diversification Award 2009
  • Aerodrome India 2015
  • Senate Small Business of the Week 2018
  • KDW Fishing Tournament Sponsor 2018
  • Martin County Headquarters of the Year 2018


Department of Commerce Export Achievement Certificate

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