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Henderson, NV

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(702) 372-9479

1042 Plentywood Pl, Henderson, NV 89002

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More Info about the SOS Lawn Service & Maintenance Firm

SOS Lawn Service & Maintenance started with an aim to bring the best of nature to your lawn. The creators shared this vision and started their journey towards excellent craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and love for nature and its beauty. From the day of our inception till date, we have helped transform several lawns and yards into beautiful and scenic properties that depict the best version of the hard work catered by us. We worked with an aim to bring the best of technology to reflect exceptional quality work which is why we invest in the most advanced equipment found in the lawn maintenance industry.

Our Team, Our Pride: We are the epitome of professionalism given the fact that we use clean and marked trucks to get the job done by the crew who works promptly with a commitment towards excellence. We provide timely status reports and always meet the highest standards for excellence in lawn maintenance services. Apart from being a mission-driven company, we are a team of courteous crew that flaunt a friendly approach with high training in the lawn maintenance sector. We help you keep the lawn green and healthy regardless of the season or any harsh weather conditions.

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