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Smart Construction Software, LLC

Zara Sargsyan

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$5 million

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(800) 997-4854

2305-C Ashland Street, #341 Ashland, Oregon 97520

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Smart Contractor is an automated business system. It does everything you need to organize, operate, manage, and account a construction business. Smart Contractor has strong job cost accounting and project management features and it integrates with QuickBooks. The product is very inexpensive, and price includes implementation and training!Pricing information, and a long list of features and testimonials can be found in the company's website.

Smart Construction Software offers one product for one low price.

Smart Contractor provides:

  • Powerful Estimating

    • Separate costs for materials, labor, equipment, sub, other
    • Separate markups for materials, labor, equipment, sub, other
    • Estimate Options
    • Estimate Alternatives
    • Unlimited hierarchical (tree structure) item assembly breakdown
    • Build estimates by copying items/assemblies from templates or other jobs
    • List jobs by Job Phase, Section, Item, Assembly Structure, CSI Division
    • Merge to documents for printing, emailing, posting on the web
    • Automatically track allowances
  • CPM Scheduling

    • Automatically generate schedules from estimates
    • Assign and track resources (employees, crews, subs, equipment, etc)
    • Automatically flags resource schedule conflicts
    • Multiple phase scheduling
    • Merge to documents for printing, emailing, posting on the web
  • Merge Document Proposals and Contracts

    • Full suite of contracts and customer documents. Customize, or create your own
    • Automatically merges job and customer data
    • Comes with integrated word processor – MS Word not required
  • Complete Cost Accounting

    • Enter purchases and employee labor hours
    • All cost data automatically merged to QuickBooks
    • Complete Estimated vs. Actual reporting
    • Use actual costs to create new estimates
  • Excellent Management Tools

    • Materials ordering schedule
    • Vendor and subcontractor quote requests
    • Product and materials cost database
    • Purchase orders
    • Employee work orders
    • Customer invoicing
    • Customer payment tracking
    • Customer contact log
    • AIA (G702/G703) draw requests
    • Change orders
    • Allowance variances
    • Punch lists
    • Job recap, final billing
    • Cash flow summary, forecast analysis
    • Document management
    • Job site photos
    • Internet access to customer job information
    • Integrated document emailing, posting to web
    • Fully network-able
    • Full integration with QuickBooks

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