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+1 (512) 768 8111

3307 Northland Drive, Suite 290, Austin, TX, 78731

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MTWO is the complete construction cloud; combining RIB technology with Microsoft Azure. You can connect all our RIB products into MTWO or purchase them as standalone software, depending on your requirements.

RIB’s iTWO costX® estimating software is the product of choice for a variety of construction professionals worldwide. The iTWO costX® range is in use among major quantity surveying, development, subcontracting, and estimating firms across the globe, as well as small businesses looking for more efficient takeoff and digital estimates. Our results:

  • 9 Offices
  • 90 Countries
  • 16000 Licences Sold


  • Save Time

  • Eliminate Errors

  • Future-Proof

  • Impress Your Clients

  • Eliminate Clutter

  • Don’t Miss a Thing

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