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Needham, MA

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2021-07-18 05:54:01 EST




Anthony (Tony) Papantonis

Not specified

Tony Papantonis (President)

Benjamin Goldfarb (Vice President)


$54 million

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(781) 453-2220

(781) 400-8100

(781) 453-2250

10 Kearney Rd, Ste 307, Needham, Massachusetts, 02494

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More Info about the Nauset Construction Firm

Nauset Construction is a construction management and design-build firm run by industry veterans with a shared goal of providing an unparalleled positive client experience. Nauset excels at complex projects on challenging sites with aggressive time and budget requirements - often in sensitive, occupied, and operational environments. Proactive decisions are made based on years of proven experience while orchestrating project-team cooperation and collaboration to inherent unforeseen challenges. Taking a collaborative approach throughout the project cycle, Nauset provides creative ideas and alternative methods that reduce cost and increase value to its clients, while creating lasting relationships.

Our firm structure is flat, our departments are integrated, and our doors and minds remain open. We promote, recognize and reward our employees for their leadership, creativity, professional and educational achievements and other positive contributions that make us a better company.

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