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Justin Boyd (President)

Lisa Trujillo (Director, Operations)


$118 million

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(303) 322-8888

6875 E Evans Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80224

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Monroe Group is a limited liability company headquartered in Denver, CO. Stuart Heller was founded in 1982, with a single management contract for an 81-unit property. Today, Monroe Group has grown to become one of the country’s fastest-growing affordable housing property management companies with portfolio of more than 70 multi-unit properties with over 7,000 units in 22 states across the country serving families, seniors and persons with disabilities. In 2006, Monroe Group’s leadership founded Steele Properties, LLC to conduct all real estate development and property acquisitions.

Our Properties

Monroe Group has grown to become one of the country’s fastest-growing affordable housing management companies with a portfolio of 80+ multi-unit properties in 22 states across the country serving families, seniors and persons with disabilities.


We believe that everyone deserves a safe, decent and clean place to live regardless of income, age, or ability.  We are committed to improving the communities where we live and work by providing quality affordable housing, delivering the highest standards of property management, and supporting our residents.


To be the most respected affordable housing company in the country.


We act with Integrity in every interaction and strive to build strong Partnerships with our company teammates, residents, government agencies, contractors, lenders and investors.  We Respect our partners and the diverse viewpoints they bring.  In so doing, we develop Creative affordable housing solutions that drive Results.

Our Partners

Monroe’s success would not be possible without strong relationships with state, national and federal housing agencies, community leaders, local vendors, non-profit organizations and lenders. These partnerships help fulfill the Monroe Group’s mission and belief that all people, regardless of their income, age or abilities, deserve a safe, clean place to live.


Monroe Group is headquartered in Denver CO with over 300 employees who reside in 22 states. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset. Their success is our success. Monroe invests in their employees by providing them with competitive salaries, excellent benefits, career development and training.


Stuart Heller, who is the founding partner, established the Monroe Group in 1982. Hud Karshmer and Chad Asarch joined Monroe as principals/partners in 2004 and 2006 respectively, and David Asarch was appointed partner in 2016. Justin Boyd was promoted to President in March 2021, and he reports to the partners. Justin leads the Executive Leadership team which also includes Andrew Higdon, Chief Accounting Officer, Allan Izzo, Senior Vice President – Asset Management, Lisa Trujillo, Vice President – Operations, and Paul Moore, Vice President – Development. Together, they guide the company as it expands its portfolio.

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