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Durham, NC

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(919) 688-8029
​Fax: (919) 688-4857

810 Ramseur St, Durham, North Carolina, 27702

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L.A. Downey & Son, Inc., is one of central North Carolina’s oldest and most respected general contractors. Since 1945, we have been offering our clients service and quality that is unparalleled.

We have years of experience helping clients throughout the entire building process utilizing our design-build services. The design-build process is one of our contract delivery methods of building, simply because it allows the owner to have more control over the entire project, conception to move-in. Together, we can decide on budget, timelines and, of course, the finished building.

The D/B process allows the contractor to be involved in every step of the building process including design, obtaining financing, permitting, and the actual construction. We aid the client in all of these, allowing our clients to utilize contacts and relationships we have with architects, banks, city, county planners, sub contractors, and suppliers. This way, you, the client have more time and energy to focus on building your business, without having to worry about all of the details involved in the building process.

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