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Dumont, NJ

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2021-08-23 04:45:20 EST


Labor Sync LLC



Dean Logan, Al Logan, Joe Burger

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Dean Logan (Founder & CEO)

Al Logan (Founder & CFO)

Joe Burger (Founder & CTO)


$18 million

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Phone: (877) 411-5666

25 Aladdin Ave., Ste. 2 Dumont, NJ 07628

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Soft, Business Resources For Construction

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Labor Sync is a mobile time & attendance app that lets you monitor the GPS location of your employees from anywhere, in real-time. 14-Day free trial and free training. No credit card required. Available in 17 languages. Only $10/month per employee.

Effortlessly reduce the amount of time, money, and resources it currently takes to track and report employee time through paper timesheets.

Labor Sync’s cloud-based time-keeping solution lets you monitor the location of your workforce from anywhere. With our GPS locator, you can easily manage your employees and through auto-clockout you can eliminate any discrepancies associated with inaccurate time recording.

In real-time, you have the ability to see what job site your employees are at, which jobs they've completed and which jobs they still need to complete without even communicating with them.

This knowledge gives you the ability to increase their workload, squeezing in an additional job if needed.

Using a GPS-enabled time tracking system allows you to reduce the time it takes to manually track your employees.

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