Kolbe Windows & Doors

Wausau, WI

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2021-03-22 12:08:19 EST


Herb & Ervin Kolbe

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$271 million

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Contacts & Locations of the Kolbe Windows & Doors Firm

(715) 842-5666

1323 S 11th Ave, Wausau, Wisconsin, 54401

Dealers Locations:


Herrman Lumber
1917 South State Hwy MM
Springfield, MO 65802

One Source Building Products
11333 E 51st Place
Tulsa, OK 74146

Construction Activities and Expertise of the Kolbe Windows & Doors Firm

More Info about the Kolbe Windows & Doors Firm

Located in the heart of Wisconsin, Kolbe is a nationally recognized leader in the premium window and door industry, selling its broad range of product offerings through hundreds of distributors and dealers across the United States, Canada and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to homeowners, builders, architects and designers. As a leader with innovative products and extensive capabilities, we continually strive to embody our tagline – We’re for the visionaries.®

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