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2526 Suite G Lubbock, TX 79410

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JUST GOOD CLEAN AIR by Air Scrubbers International Environmental Technologies, Inc. (ASIET) is a complete line of portable and induct equipment to be added to existing HVAC systems to disinfect and deodorize the indoor air of public and private facilities. We have sold equipment to state agencies, counties, school districts, and city governments for several years. Many of our client’s purchases have been done under emergency purchases in response to conditions such as quarantines in state hospitals and schools. Much of our equipment has been paid for with Homeland Security and FEMA funding following natural disasters such as hurricanes resulting in flooding.Air Scrubbers International Environmental Technologies, Inc. has had a listing on the Central Master Bidders List “CMBL” 1760850295500 for a while. Additionally Smartbuy is offered by our partner Lighthouse for the Blind for city, county, state, federal agencies, public schools, and universities.

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