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IMI Inc.


Steve McDermit (Vice President, Operations)


$7 million

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(978) 373-9190

140 Hilldale Ave, Haverhill, Massachusetts, 01832

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Founded in 1971, IMI is a leading provider of commercial and military, technologically-advanced printed circuit boards with significant expertise in fabricating on all types of Teflon/Duroid, polyimide, and more traditional FR-4 based laminates as well as mixed construction applications.

IMI Inc. has been a leader in the fabrication of specialized RF/microwave, mixed dielectric/hybrid substrates, as well as of specialty printed circuit boards. Our expertise is producing up to 20 layer product on PTFE, Ceramic and FR-4 based laminates (or mixed dielectric builds). In addition to RF/Microwave, we are experienced in, and fiercely committed to, supporting the Aerospace, Military, Medical, Industrial and Telecommunications Markets.

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