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(415) 865-1811
Fax: (415) 865-1810

315 Bay St, Fl 3, San Francisco, California, 94133

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Hargreaves Jones has been at the forefront of landscape architecture and planning since 1983 and is globally renowned for the transformation of urban sites, waterfronts, and campuses into iconic landscapes. The firm’s exceptional work has been widely exhibited, published, and recognized by over 100 national and international awards, including the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award and the Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize.

Our offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Cambridge work collectively, united by a belief in the power of expressive and responsive design to create enduring landscapes for communities, institutions, and individuals.  Fueled by rigorous investigation, our work engages dynamic site systems and cultural forces, with the intention of setting landscapes into motion – always evolving and adaptable.  We approach each project as an opportunity to reveal the unique qualities of a place: whether amplifying the natural phenomena of a site, expressing historic narratives, transforming infrastructural impediments into public realm opportunities, or encouraging individual interpretation and discovery.  Above all, we seek to foreground landscape, as the essential foundation for civic and environmental resilience.


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