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(760) 277-0322

(858) 277-5298

7969 Engineer Rd #213 San Diego, California 92111

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Eco G Painters, in San Diego, California, is an organic and eco-friendly house painting contractor specializing in GreenGuard and LEED-certified paints for interior and exterior painting, and custom painting.Conventional paints contain dangerous, volatile, organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde as well as heavy metals that are dangerous for human and animal life. However, Eco G Painters is very concerned about the environment and people's health, so the company has gone green on all its residential projects.Founded in 2003, Eco G Painters serves the areas of San Diego and southern Orange County. Some of its brands include Benjamin Moore, Eco Advantage Paint, LEED Credit, Eco Spec Paint.The company uses AFM Safecoat paints, which offer low or zero VOCs, are SCS certified, and LEED qualified. AFM Safecoat offers a wide variety of eco-friendly paint choices, including primers, flat, eggshell, enamel, semi-gloss, exterior paints, and concrete/floor paints.

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