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443 Park Ave S New York, NY, US , 10016

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David Smotrich & Partners LLP, Architect/Planners (WBE/DBE), is a medium sized firm located in Manhattan established in 1985 as a successor firm to Smotrich & Platt, 1945. The firm is a distinguished design oriented office with superior construction expertise and prides itself in offering personal and complete service to each of its many varied clients. We see ourselves as problem solvers. As such, we believe that the foundation of good design is to listen carefully to our individual clients in order to understand their needs, goals and aspirations. Only then can we begin to give physical form to a design which speaks articulately to the appropriate solution.  Further, our design philosophy can be expressed as follows: We see our work as simply the creation of space that fulfills the needs and expectations of all those who experience it, creating in them a positive emotional response. We are committed to excellence in design, which we define as work with a high level of aesthetic quality that is also functional, sustainable, durable, and economically sound. Our experience includes but is not limited to: façade restoration, roofing replacement, interior renovations, new buildings. Our professional philosophy maintains continuity through inception and close out on all projects.

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