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In the early 1990s, a consortium of considerable players in the Third Party Logistics industry needed a warehouse management system capable of supporting multi-million square foot operations. As a seasoned, senior-level leader in application development, Rick DeShone was selected to lead the effort. With the successful implementation of Rick's newly-minted WMS, Rick was now in a position to help other 3PL operations as well. In 1995, with Rick as President and Karen Komatsu as Vice President of Support Services, Codeworks was born.

As a 3PL specialist, Codeworks helps Third-Party Logistics operations exceed diverse customer expectations and grow their business with a complementary palette of logistics products and services. Since 1995, the Codeworks team has expanded to meet additional needs in the areas of application development, support and marketing. We believe in delivering a dependable product with excellent customer support, an approach that keeps our solid customer base growing strong. As you learn more about us, keep in mind that, to date, we have yet to lose a single customer.

About What We Offer

Codeworks is a one-stop shop for your warehouse and transportation software needs. As a supplier of business consulting, software, installation, training and support, you only need one point of contact. The consulting expertise Codeworks offers includes capacity reviews, resource management, disaster recovery planning, operating systems and network configuration. Installation services include integration with your existing systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) mapping, communications and any development of any business-specific requirements.

The Warehouse and Distribution Logistics System (“WDLS”) you receive from Codeworks offers is a full-featured and fully-integrated warehouse management system. All the options come standard, minimizing installation and training time while maximizing productivity. Applicable to a wide range of warehouse management system industries and facilities, consider how the Codeworks warehouse management system could help optimize your operation.

The perfect complement to a Codeworks WMS is our fully-integrated transportation management software, named "Traffic." Deliver higher productivity in your freight operations at a lower cost with automated interfaces and the ability to maximize profitability on each order.

About Our Process

When it´s time to upgrade your warehousing software, you want straight answers, practical solutions and quantifiable results. At Codeworks, that´s what you receive.

We begin with a discussion of your needs and the challenges you face. We work with you to identify the areas for improvement and determine how a Codeworks solution can help. An interactive webinar, viewed from the comfort of your office, demonstrates how the product capabilities address the identified challenges. Next, a site visit from select members of the Codeworks staff allows us to learn more about your operation, further clarify objectives and success factors and gain commitment for your upgrade.

When Codeworks creates a project plan, we include a reasonable timeframe for implementation and the amount of your investment, up front. Our ROI calculator shows you just how fast a Codeworks solution will pay for itself as well.

These are the results we would expect at Codeworks, so this is what we offer.

Why Choose SC Codeworks? 

SC Codeworks is an all inclusive software development company that focuses on warehouse and transportation software needs. We supply 3PL warehouse operations with technical business consulting, software installation, development and support, EDI solutions, installation and training. Our consulting expertise also offers capacity reviews, resource management, disaster recovery planning, operating systems and network configuration.


Warehouse Management System Features

SC Codeworks is a Third-Party Logistics specialist, offering straight answers, practical solutions and quantifiable results. We are a one-stop shop, providing a full-featured WMS solution, a fully integrated transportation management system and all the associated professional services you need to operate your warehouse. All of this is part of the value we provide with the SC Codeworks Advantage.
Our WMS solution, known as WDLS, or Warehouse and Distribution Logistics System, has completely integrated business-class components and includes everything that today's Third-Party Logistics (3PL) warehouses require. Not only does this include the software, database, communications, security, administration and full vendor support, but also includes consulting and the installation and training in one single point of contact. Our value-oriented features also include server-based pricing for additional locations at no extra licensing cost. In fact, many of the modular options found on other WMS are standard features in our warehouse management system. Your costs stay flat and competitive, all while your focus stays on running your business.
Our standard WMS, Warehouse Management System, features include management of:

•  Regions    •  Yards    •  Labor
•  Campuses    •  Docks    •  Workflow
•  Building    •  Doors     

Transportation Management System Software

We also offer an integrated Transportation Management System, or TMBS, that help to reduce costs and maximize efficiency in your SC Codeworks also offers an integrated Transportation Management System, or TMBS, that will help to reduce costs and maximize efficiency in your freight operations. Transportation management systems help growing logistics operations stay competitive. Similar to warehouse management system efficiencies, transportation management software helps you:

  • Better organize your shipment pool
  • Reduce your fuel costs
  • Reduce your carbon emissions and carbon footprint
  • Improve your carbon efficiency
  • Assist in achieving "SmartWay" Transport Partnership certification
  • Keep your prices competitive

The transportation management software from SC Codeworks helps you maximize the efficiency of freight movement. Our TMS is 100% real-time, full-featured and perfectly integrated with our warehouse management system, as well as your existing systems. Rather than track fleet management details such as vehicle maintenance and driver settlement, the TBMS transportation management system focuses on optimization of shipments at minimal cost while maximizing your integration and operational visibility.

Drive Transportation Management Costs From Your System

Transportation management software from SC Codeworks helps you:

• Review shipment savings before consolidation
• Find carriers with the lowest shipping costs or best margin
• Identify headloads and consolidate freight to minimize costs
• Use stored route histories to choose the most fuel-efficient route & identify future consolidation opportunities
• Feed orders automatically from our WMS to TBMS
• Automatic post-shipment interfaces and notifications to systems and staff
• Display or download 100% real-time reports
• Report cost and revenue of each shipment
• Report profitability by shipment class and/or customer

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