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(914) 437-5454

(914) 437-5455

99 Lafayette Avenue White Plains, New York 10603

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Certified Site Safety is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise providing safety professionals on projects and OSHA construction training classes. Increasing safety and reducing risks are the core principles of Certified Site Safety. The firm strives for an injury-free environment and the safest workplace possible for its employees, clients, tradespersons and the general public.Certified Site Safety is a single source which can facilitate all of your design, planning and safety needs. Certified plans, designs and develops an extensive list of services addressing all aspects of the construction process from pre-construction through occupancy.The firm maintains excellent public agency relationships with OSHA, NYC DOB, FDNY, NYC DOT, and NYC DEP. The Safety Design Department prides itself on its diverse knowledge base – spanning across numerous disciplines directly related to construction and safety. Its design team is dedicated to ensuring, via proactive planning, that projects are constructed properly, delivered timely and executed safely.

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