Braverman/Greenspun P.C.

New York, NY

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Ed Braverman

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Scott Greenspun (Principal)



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(212) 682-2900

110 E. 42nd St., 17th Fl. New York, NY 10017

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We are a firm dedicated to the practice of cooperative and condominium law, real estate and litigation. Celebrating our fiftieth anniversary in 2018, BG is both an institution and industry leader, and our diverse team of experienced attorneys has the knowledge and expertise necessary to tackle even the most complex issues with creative, efficient and client-centered legal representation.

Our longstanding success reflects our commitment to to client satisfaction. Every attorney and staff member at the firm is dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations and raising the bar on what you can, and should, expect from your law firm.


  • Robert J. Braverman
  • Scott S. Greenspun
  • Tracy Peterson
  • Jonathan Kolbrener
  • Kelly A. Ringston
  • Manu Davidson
  • Steven R. Goldstein
  • William J. Geller
  • Todd J. Manister
  • Elise Kessler
  • Drew Pakett
  • Maria Boboris
  • Joseph Goljan
  • Benjamin Fox Tracy
  • Alexandra Piscionere
  • Peter T. Salzler

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