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21451 SW 108th Avenue NORCROSS, OR 97062

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n 1985 ALUMAX introduced Phoenix, the world's first 90-minute rated aluminum door frame. The design and performance of this product has yet to be paralleled by anyone in the industry. By 1986 we initiated Powder Coatings, a finish proven to be far superior to any liquid coatings for the ALUMAX frames. We continued to develop and expand new product for the ALUMAX line. Ultimately in 1991, with obvious confidence, ALUMAX requested that we ascend to national prominence as the sole manufacturer of the ALUMAX aluminum door frame system. Over many years, we have continued the tradition of ALUMAX leadership and superiority in product performance in the door frame industry. With an obligation to continued innovation, we recognized the demand for improved Life Safety design and unveiled AVALON INTERNATIONAL, a contemporary company with new products genuinely demonstrative to a legacy of excellence. AVALON has set a high standard now exceeds even that measure with the introduction of an unprecedented new product line. Today we herald another first of its kind in the world: an all new 45-minute Positive Pressure Fire Rated Aluminum Sidelight and Borrowed Light system.

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