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Jacksonville, FL

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2021-06-16 10:53:00 EST


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Tanya Nash (Pavement Materials Engineer)


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(904) 503-5100

7544 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, Florida, 32256

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Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering is a locally owned and operated, independent asphalt testing company in Jacksonville, Florida.  Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering personnel manage and staff the on-site asphalt quality control laboratories for asphalt producers as well as provide qualified asphalt roadway technicians for state, commercial and private jobs managing asphalt quality control responsibilities.  The asphalt performance testing, binder testing and asphalt mix design labs provide solutions for asphalt contractors, additive and liquid suppliers and state and local governments.  The asphalt performance lab is AASHTO Accredited and its technicians are CTQP and ACI certified.  The technicians also participate in the AMRL proficiency program through AASHTO.  The Asphalt Quality Control laboratories are CMEC Accredited and its technicians are CMEC and FDOT certified.  All technicians participate in the Florida DOT annual proficiency program.

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