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When it comes to digital control products, you have many options. ASI Controls stands out among the crowd with our unique combination of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and personalized support that has earned the praise and dedication of industry professionals for more than 30 years. What makes us different from other digital controls manufacturers?ASI Controls distinguishes ourselves with products that outlast the competition, yet have the ability to work with almost everyone else’s equipment. Along with that, our service and support rank at the top of the industry. ASI Controls designs and builds every one of our products to be solid performers, durable and reliable in conditions and environments where lesser products fail.For example, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the enclosure protecting an ASIC controller blew open, exposing the equipment to the fury of the storm. Afterward, our system integrator Star Service dried out the controller and powered it up. The unit roared to life, returning service to the building’s chiller. Another manufacturer’s controller on the same roof didn’t survive the hurricane; the building’s management was quick to install a new ASIC controller in its place.LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIPWhile other manufacturers build limitations into their direct digital control products, we design and build ours to be reliable and functional for years to come. We believe true value comes not in forcing our clients to purchase new devices every few years but in creating a product that provides such superior performance that they will seek us out for future projects.ASI Controls helps you to keep your total cost of ownership (TCO) in line in three ways: A COMMITMENT TO BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY. Combined with the rugged, long-lasting design of our devices, this means our controllers won’t have to be replaced every time you upgrade or retrofit an installation. INDUSTRY-LEADING INTEROPERABILITY. You’ll have the advantage of choosing a high-quality ASI Controls product as an upgrade for a wide range of non-ASI products, enabling you to reap all of the benefits of our products without having to fully replace your installation. FUTURE COMPATIBILITY. ASI Controls is building a new framework that will enable our customers to take advantage of cloud-based services and other cyberspace advances—all without sacrificing the backward compatibility our products are known for. AN INDUSTRY INNOVATOR SINCE 1986After a successful career path that led him to chairing the ASHRAE Technical Committee, Bill Chapman co-founded ASI Controls in 1986 to provide innovative, reliable, scalable digital control products for HVAC control, building automation, and energy management applications. Since introducing the first microprocessor-based intelligent terminal controllers to the U.S. market in 1987, ASI Controls has been an innovator and early adopter of key DDC technologies, including Ethernet connectivity, object-oriented controller programming, OPC interoperability, web interfaces, and automated demand control. Among its successes, ASI Controls developed the first distributed database and control hardware and provided early methods of open systems interoperability.

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