Aladdin Light Lift, Inc.

Huntsville, AL

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2021-08-08 15:18:14 EST


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(256) 429-9700

61 Shields Road Huntsville, AL 35811

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Aladdin Light Lift, Inc. manufactures motorized light lifts designed to simplify access to high, hard-to-reach lighting such as chandeliers and high bays. Founded in 1990, Aladdin Light Lift today offers an extensive line of commercial and residential motorized winches throughout the United States, Asia, Canada, Europe, Australia, Central America and South America.With just the turn of a key or press of a button, Aladdin lifts support fixtures weighing as much as 1000 pounds — making it easy to install, clean and maintain chandeliers and lighting without the need for ladders, scaffolding or expensive equipment. The experienced team of professionals at Aladdin Light Lift are available to help with design needs, as well as assistance in technical questions, specifications and installation procedures.

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